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Tobetan Handcraft is highly influenced by the art and culture of Tibet and most importantly Tibetan Buddhism. Religion plays the pre-dominant role in the selection of symbols and motifs. Weaving, suclpting, painting, thangka painting, metal working, paper making, dye making, and most importantly carpet weaving make the most of this industry.

Thanka paintings depicting events of the Life of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Tara (Droma), Avalokiteshvara and other divine figures are the most important part of Tbetan Handicraft industry. Lharipas (Thangka painters) are trained with utmost attention and care by Tibetan Thangka masters. In major cases the Thangkas are taken for close examination of tis correctness to high Lamas and Rinpoches. Gold dust are used on demand and adds up the value of the Thangkas. Their price are fixed depending on the importance of the theme and also by the labour the artist have put in to producing it. Thangka is priceless if we take into consideration the amount of hard work, dedication and time spent in preparing it.

Woodcrafts: Most amazing evidences of the Tibetan wood works outside Tibet can be seen at the Norbulinka Institute, Dharamsala. patrons of the Tibetan wood-works are seen at numerous monasteries, Tibetan hotel & restaurants, Tibetan living rooms, altars in Tibetan home. If examined closely the symbols used for the woodcraft are hugely influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

Carpets& Handlooms: Carpets & handloom Industry in Nepal was and is one of the biggest contributor to that country’s GDP along with the Tourism Industry there. Tibetan carpets are hand knotted and woven on fixed vertical looms which are kept standing. Tibetan carpet weaving requires a very high degree of concentration, dexterity and skill. Carpets are used a variety of purposes which are covering beds, chairs etc. Some the biggest handlooms and carpets manufacturing units outside Tibet are in Nepal.

Other handicraft work such as metal work, paper making. painting and smith works are also important part of Tibetan business world.