aims and objective of tibetan chamber of commerce

Aims and Objectives of W.S Tibetan Chamber of Commerce

  1. To promote contacts and cooperation between the Tibetan business community and business community in general.
  2. To compile appropriate data of those who are in the fields of trade and commerce.
  3. To make necessary representation in the agencies of Government of India or other organization and institution on order to promote economic activities of its members as per Govt. policy.
  4. To promote the collective interest of its members.
  5. To mediate in any trade related disputes among its members and take necessary action for the purpose in legal way.
  6. To establish business centers to provide trading places for the promotion of trade and commerce among its members as per Govt. policy.
  7. To organize trade fairs and exhibition for promoting trade and industry.
  8. To make efforts for the promotion of industry, trade and technology by organizing conferences, symposia, etc.
  9. To disseminate information, hold conferences, seminars, lectures and study circles in order to educate the general public about the benefits of trade, commerce and industry for the welfare of the Tibetan people.
  10. To communicate with other chambers of commerce and mercantile and public bodies.
  11. All the objects are purely for charitable purposes and not for the purposes of profits.